Village Halls Audit

1st August 2022 - 31st December 2023

With funding from Public Health and DEFRA, a survey of virtually all village halls in Devon is being undertaken by Devon Communities Together, between late 2022 and the end of 2023.

*All village halls that take part will also be entered into a prize draw with a top prize of £500 to spend on their hall, and second and third prizes of £300 and £200 respectively.*

We already know that Devon’s Village Halls and Community Buildings are significant community assets, but we don’t have comprehensive information about how they are used. The audit is designed to find out what these community assets currently offer and what they have the potential to offer. For example, could they be used as “health hubs” and/or reach out to ensure that they’re accessible to people who are lonely/marginalised/disadvantaged? Of course, this is ultimately up to the community/trustees to decide.

How can I get involved in the audit?

Simply contact and a member of Devon Communities Together (DCT) or partner organisation will contact you to arrange a time to come and visit you at your hall.

What happens during the audit?

You will be asked several questions about your community building e.g., number of rooms, internet connection, parking, income streams etc. You will also be asked what your aspirations are for the future.

What happens after the audit?

You will receive a follow up email with further signposting to areas of interest. Your hall is automatically entered into the cash prize draw to be announced in April 2023 and a second prize draw will take place in December 2023 for halls audited from May - December 2023.

How will the audit information be used?

The information will be used to build a picture of the community buildings across the county. If there is particular interest in one area, DCT may bring community building committees together to support progress. We also hope that this increased data will help to attract funding streams.

how was the audit process?

Ian Huxtable on behalf of Stockleigh Pomeroy Village Hall said that his experience of the audit was good and the questions were straightforward to complete.

Jane Milton, on behalf of Dittisham Village Hall: “Having the audit of our hall was a positive experience - the questions were straightforward and it didn’t matter if there was one or two things I didn’t know. The DCT staff member was very friendly, and it provided the opportunity to hear what other Devon Village Halls are doing and to share knowledge and ideas, so I found it very useful."