Wellbeing Works

1st February 2022 - 28th February 2023

What is Wellbeing Works?

Wellbeing Works is an exciting opportunity for Devon based businesses, employees and individuals to benefit from the tools, techniques and inspiration we need to prioritise and develop our wellbeing and resilience during the pandemic recovery period.

Why Wellbeing and Resilience?

Wellbeing and resilience are at the heart of Devon’s ability to survive, recover and thrive. If we look after ourselves and our teams we can all reap the personal and professional benefits.

"Together, by prioritising wellbeing, we can thrive."

What can Wellbeing Works offer me?

If you are a Devon based business (SME), employee or individual over 18 you may be able to access a free 1:1 wellbeing check-in and attend free wellbeing workshops.

1:1 wellbeing check-ins (online or phone)

Take time out of your day to prioritise your wellbeing with one of our trained team to;

  • take stock of your wellbeing and share your challenges
  • feel inspired to take positive steps towards greater wellbeing
  • be signposted to resources and support for your wellbeing journey.

Book your wellbeing check-in here or call 01392 248919

Wellbeing Workshops (online)

A wide range of inspiring and informative wellbeing workshops will take place throughout the year to support you as you prioritise your wellbeing. These will include;

  • feel motivated and equipped to boost your wellbeing by tapping into the inspiration and experience of a range of wellbeing speakers sharing tools, techniques and motivation.
  • explore key areas of workplace wellbeing from stress and resilience to relationships and energy so you can navigate with renewed wellbeing.  
  • discuss the wellbeing challenges of specific sectors (eg hospitality and tourism, retail construction and wellbeing). Hear from inspiring speakers from within the sector and engage in discussions around how challenges can be addressed whilst maintaining your wellbeing.  

To see our calendar of Wellbeing Workshops and book your place click here or call us on 01392 248919.

who is wellbeing works for?*

  • Small Medium Enterprises and their employees: (including social enterprises and sole traders) that employ less than 250 employees 
  • Individuals over 18 who are either feeling isolated, facing redundancy, unemployed, returning to work after furlough/home working or are essential workers
  • Individuals 18-24 who are not in education, employment or training

* Devon (excluding Plymouth and Torbay)

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions about the Wellbeing Works program or are interested in hosting an event (online or face to face) in your organisation or group, please contact Michelle McCartan michelle.mccartan@devoncommunities.org.uk

Wellbeing Works is funded by Devon County Council and managed by Devon Communities Together.