Govt Grant paid by NDC regarding Coronavirus

West Down Parish Hall really appreciated the recent good advice from DCT and ACRE regarding claiming the Govt Grant of £ 10,000.00 based on our Non Domestic Rates Bill. At the start of the process we, like many others thought that we would not qualify for a grant because we receive 80% Charity relief and 20% Local relief (from NDC) and so pay Rates at all. This was all explained and we completed the simple online application and the money was paid into our account within a week. As our Parish Hall is closed, except for use by the local Outreach Post Office three times a week we have no income from bookings or from our own fund raising activities and we have no idea how long this will go on for. The grant gives us confidence that we can pay our bills and when we are able to reopen our Hall without financial worries. Being a member of our local "Hallshare" group has also been invaluable with us all sharing views and helping each other during these strange and uncertain times.